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  • How do the templates work?

    The width of templates gives the size of the crown of the chosen hat size and the height gives the length of a beanie (to the base of the ear). 
    • What comes with the template set?

    The templates come with a tag link to keep them together, a detailed sample pattern and a chart . Even its packaging can be used to keep them protected as it is resealable. 

    • Do you have any videos or tutorials that demo the templates?

    Yes. Go to the Tutorials Section in the menu for videos and patterns.
    • From what materials are the templates made?

    The templates are made of plastic which means that they are very durable. Not only that but they are recyclable and environmentally friendlyYou can write/make notes with a pencil about your current project then you can erase them if need be. I even have put mine in the dishwasher on occasions. 

    • Can the templates be used for knitting hats?

    Although I have knitted in the past, I have never made knitted hats and have not yet attempted to. What I can say is that the circumference of the template gives you the size of the crown of the desired size hat and the height gives the length of a beanie (to the base of the ear).

    • I was wondering do these templates just make up one style hat?

    These templates will as a rule of thumb, their width give you the right crown size for the desired size. So the design and style is what you wish it to be. They come with a sample pattern to get used to and familiarise yourself with them. 

    As for their height, they are for a recommended average beanie hat (to the base of the ear) though this is more about a personal taste, some prefer it taller some shorter so my clients either follow the height suggested or make it to their preference.

    • Will the templates work for making hats that are made bottom-up?

    These templates are designed to work for hats that are made top-down.

    What I can say is that the circumference of the template gives you the size of the crown of the desired size hat and the height gives the length of a beanie.

    • I have lost a template/pattern/manual/ring. How may I obtain another? - Manuals and patterns can be sent to you digitally.

    You can find a copy of the sample pattern in the tutorial tab for you to download.

    Should you need a replacement for you tag link, you can find it in Misc Supplies in the shop section.

    • I’m having trouble following the instructions. How can I get assistance?

    You can liaise with your retailer for help with the following email contacts babecrochetco@gmail.com or thelilliepad.amanda@gmail.com

    • I have questions about my purchase. How can I get assistance? 

    If you purchased directly from us use  babecrochetco@gmail.com in the menu to reach out for help. 

    If you purchased from one of our partners, please contact them directly.

    US retailer: The Lillie Pad.

    • Where is my purchase? 

    Please see your tracking reference number on your emailed invoice as per the Shop's policies.

    • When will my order be shipped?

     Please see the processing time in the listing as per the Shop's policies .
    • Why is shipping so expensive to my country? 

    We ship worldwide via calculated weight shipping instead of flat rate shipping to ensure we can ship at the lowest possible shipping rates for the templates. If the shipping price shown seems high for your location, check with our other partners The Lillie Pad to see if shipping rates to you may be lower.

    Should you feel that you could/you would like to be a retailer in these countries, please do contact us at babecrochetco@gmail.com 

    • Do you have a retailer in Australia/Canada?

    As the Izzy Crochet Hat Templates are getting more and more popular, I am looking for retailers in these country. As of now we are still searching for people who can best represent us.